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Digital media show business-oriented. They repeat what is broadcasted on screen and create contents from this. It also has tools to make the interaction between the audience and the TV screen easier. The first site of the channel was launched in 1997 as an institutional site. The most salient feature was the schedule. There was no informative content. It was not until 2000 that they started to transcript the contents of the news articles broadcasted. In 2011, with the incorporation of Francisco Flores as chief of the digital area, the web site begins to have its own content. There was not only news but also entertainment articles. This gave place to the current digital media. It is based on the creation of contents broadcasted on screen and likely to go viral. As tools to facilitate interaction it contains social networks and an app. By the end of 2014, with the brand change of the cannel, it no longer was, it changed into IAB readings did not take them into account for the las fourth months of 2015.however, even if the visits to the site during that period are consider, it ranks among the top 10 more visited sites with news contents.

Key facts

Audience Share

40.8 million unique users per year

Ownership Type


Geographic Coverage

National coverage

Content Type

Free content

Media Companies / Groups

Grupo Latina


Group / Individual Owner

Latina Media

Latina Media is a Company that is owned by Enfoca Comunicaciones SAC (239’165,251 shares) and Jesús Zamora León (1 share). not only manages Cía Latinoamericana de Radiodifusión, but it also sells advertising space on Panamericana Televisión. Enfoca Comunicaciones is, in turn, owned by Enfoca Descubridor 1 Investment Fund (197,465,350 shares) and Jesús Zamora León (1 share). This investment receives capital from AFPs Prima and Integra and the insurance company Pacífico Peruano Suiza. Enfoca Descubridor 1 Investment fund belongs to Enfoca Sociedad Gestora de Inversiones.



Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



Baruch Ivcher Bronstein

Affiliated Interests Founder

Baruch Ivcher Bronstein

was a major broadcaster. He presided over the board of the then-channel Frecuencia Latina in two periods and was the visible face of the medium for several decades. He is an Israeli businessman who came to Peru in 1970 to secure the Paraíso mattress factory that his brother had established in 1967, and was quite successful. He became associated with Bernardo Batievsky and the Winter brothers in order to establish channel 2. Because the law prohibited any foreigner from owning a media organization and he had not yet been nationalized, his initial participation went through the notary Luis Vargas. He was married and was nationalized in Peru in 1984. Following the release of several reports denouncing acts of corruption, Alberto Fujimori's government withdrew his Peruvian nationality alleging flaws in the procedure. With that, he lost control of the channel and was went into exile. His case was filed with the Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights). Upon the fall of the dictatorship, he recovered his nationality, regained control of the company and the state made a payment of 20 million soles as compensation. He is a friend of former President Alan García Pérez. In September of 2013, Ivcher sold his shares in the channel to Enfoca, of Jesus Zamora.


Jesús Zamora León

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Jesús Zamora is the chairman and founder of Enfoca and chairman of the board at Cía Latinoamericana de Radiodifusión. He is an industrial engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de México and has an MBA from the Universidad de Columbia. Between 1994 and 1999, Zamora was director of the Banco de Crédito del Perú (Credit Bank of Peru). There he wove good relations with investors. He founded the first Enfoca company in 1999 to provide business and investment advice. He subsequently established Enfoca Investment Ltd in the Virgin Islands and Enfoca Asset Management Ltd in the Cayman Islands, and with them he established Enfoca Sociedad Gestora de Inversiones en Perú (Enfoca SAFI), a company that receives investments from pension funds to help them grow. Thanks to the investments made in this fund, Zamora has a stake in more than 50 associated companies, in addition to Latina Televisión. He participates in Minera La Gloria, Grupo Salud Perú (Peruvian Health Group), red de Salud Auna (Auna Health Network), Oncosalud, Talma, Laboratorio Cantella, Trebol, Celima and Cassinelli, among others.


Gabriel Derteano Bidegaray

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Gabriel Derteano is Chief of digital contents and assistant professor at the Universidad Católica. He worked in Latina as web administrator and in the El Comercio Group.

Other Important People

Jorge Alberto Basadre Brazzini, Andrés Badra Badra, Augusto Álvarez Rodrich

Affiliated Interests other important people

Jorge Alberto Basadre Brazzini

Vice president of the Board at Latina. General Manager at Enfoca S.A. Chairman of the board at Minera La Gloria, and 20 companies associated with Enfoca.


Av. San Felipe 968, Jesús María.

+51 01 219-1000


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