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The newspaper Perú21 was created on August 21st 2002. Since then it has been accompanied by its online version:, which focuses on covering current affairs. In 2015, this medium had an average of 6 million users per month and is among the top 10 websites with the biggest audience, according to the IABPerú. In this period has had the following journalists as editors; Diego Peralta (2002-2006), Pedro Rivas (2006-2008) and Alejandro Castro Backus, (2008-present).

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Grupo El Comercio (hoy Vigenta Inversiones S.A.)


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Servicios Especiales de Edición S.A. (SED, subsidiary of the El Comercio group)

The company Servicios Especiales de Edición S.A. (Special Services in Edition) (SED) is a subsidiary of the “El Comercio” group created by the Miró Quesada family in 1987 which is dedicated to the edition of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. All the shares of Prensa Popular which publishes Perú21 belong to Trome, Gestión and Depor.

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Prensa Popular S.A.C.

Affiliated Interests Founder

Prensa Popular S.A.C. -created in 2001 by Servicios Especiales de Edición S.A., one of the main subsidiaries of the “El Comercio” Group- is responsible for editing the newspapers Perú21 (political tabloid), Trome (popular newspaper), Gestión (economy) and Depor (sport). It also owns the company Publiqualy, which owns the free newspaper brand franchise “Publimetro” in Peru.


Gabriel Miró Quesada Cisneros

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Peruvian. He studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad de Lima. One of his first works in the media was as a graphic reporter for the magazine Ovación and the newspaper Afición between 1970 and 1974. He was also commercial manager of Radio El Sol and Solarmonía. He has been linked to different subsidiaries of the El Comercio group since 1989. No registered political affiliations. His father, Alejandro Miró Quesada Garland, and his brother, Alejandro Miró Quesada Cisneros, were editors-in-chief of the “El Comercio” newspaper.


Juan José Garrido Koechlin

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Peruvian economist with undergraduate, master's and PhD studies in universities in the US, Canada and Spain. He ran for Congress for the party “Adelante” in 2011, but was unsuccessful. A year later he became the presenter of “Rumbo Económico (Economic Direction),” a program on Canal N. In early 2013 he was elected executive director of the NGO “Soluciones Empresariales contra la Pobreza (Business Solutions against Poverty),” created two years ago by the two largest business associations in Peru: the “Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas (National Confederation of Private Business Institutions) (Confiep)” and the “Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (National Society of Industries) (SNI),” then managed by the businessmen Humberto Speziani and Pedro Olaechea Álvarez Calderón (Congressman for Kuczynski’s party for the period 2016-2021 and uncle of the current director of “El Comercio” Fernando Berkemeyer). In October 2013, he took over the newspaper Perú21. Between 2004 and 2005 he was Business Development manager of the construction company Grana & Montero, owned by José Graña Miró Quesada, one of the largest individual shareholders of “El Comercio”. He is also Alfonso Miró Quesada de la Fuente’s nephew-in-law; one of the principal owners of the newspaper. He considers himself liberal. He appears in the top 10 of the written press sector, in the annual survey of power in Peru (2016), prepared by “Semana Económica (Economy Week)”.

Other Important People

César Pardo Figueroa Turner, María Francisca Graña Cánepa, Bernardo Roca Rey Miró Quesada., Hieronymus Rodríguez Carbone

Affiliated Interests other important people

César Pardo Figueroa Turner

Industrial Engineer. He has held the position of general manager at “El Comercio” for 20 years and is also director of the other subsidiaries of the group, including Prensa Popular (Popular Press).


Jr. Miró Quesada 247 (Piso 6), Cercado de Lima

51-311-6500 ;

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