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The website was launched online in 1997, the same year as the digital version of “El Comercio” was launched. Since then, it has become one of the most-visited sites in Peru. In 2015, it appeared in the top three digital news and current affairs media organizations with the most web traffic after and, reaching an average of 11.4 million users per month. In 2010 it was bought by its main competitor of the time: “El Comercio.”

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Grupo El Comercio (hoy Vigenta Inversiones S.A.)


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Interlatin Corporation SA (Subsidiary of Orbis Ventures of El Comercio)

Interlatin Corporation is a company that was established in Peru in 2010 and linked to Interlatin Corp, based in the British Virgin Islands since 1999. It owned, and managed the website of the same name. The owners of this company were the Peruvian brothers Juan Francisco and Belisario Rosas Schwarz. However, in 2010, Orbis Ventures, a subsidiary of “El Comercio,” bought 51% of its shares and went on to buy 100%. Currently, also manages the website

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Juan Francisco Rosas Schwarz

Affiliated Interests Founder

Former director at Interlatin Corp, a company established in the British Virgin Islands in the 90s, along with his brother Belisario Rosas, he is a businessman linked with the technology industry and based in the USA. In the early years following the birth of the Internet they acquired the domains,, and futbolargentino, through the offshore company Interlatin Corp.


Julio César Noriega Cabrerizo

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Chairman of the board at the company S.A. and Central Manager of Strategy and Business Development at “El Comercio,” the parent company of the entire group. Former General Manager at Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox in Lima and Los Angeles. Between 2001 and 2008, he worked at Venevision International in Miami, until he became vice president. Since 2012 he has held different advisory positions relating to the group's investment in businesses not linked to the media.

Other Important People

Marco Paredes

Affiliated Interests other important people

Peruvian journalist. Serves as general editor of and, both owned by “El Comercio.”


Dirección: Jr. Lampa 645, Cercado de Lima

Teléfono: 51-205-0660; Página web:

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