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RPP GROUP news website, which is the second most visited website in the country. In its beginnings -around 1996- it used the domain The following year, it began to broadcast its live signal in real time, for the whole world. In 2000 it was relaunched as an informative website and in 2015 its design was modernized and domain simplified to It is currently one of the fundamental pieces of RPPs multiplatform strategy, which seeks to synchronize the information presented on the radio, television and the Internet.

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Manuel Octavio Delgado Nachtigall: 2 585 905 shares (17.34%), Hugo Francisco Delgado Nachtigall: 2 585 423 shares (17.33%), Frida María Delgado Nachtigall: 2 584 712 shares (17.33%), Nathalia María Delgado Nachtigall: 2 385 665 shares (15.99%), Claudia María Delgado Nachtigall: 2 385 377 shares (15.99%), Úrsula María Delgado Nachtigall: 2 385 280 shares (15.99%)

Group / Individual Owner

Manuel Octavio Delgado Nachtigall

Board vice-president of GRUPORPP. Bachelor in Business Administration from the Universidad de Lima. General manager of at least 15 real estate –related companies in various parts of the country.He was part of the board of Rokmaster Resources Corp., mining company based in Vancouver. Business associate of BO Consulting S.A., Peruvian company which gives consultations to companies in the mining area. He is not affiliated to any political party.


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Manuel Delgado Parker

Affiliated Interests Founder

(1936) Honorary President and founder of the RPP GROUP. Peruvian businessman whose family plays an important part in the history of telecommunications in Peru.He is the youngest son of Genaro Delgado Parker and Rachel Brandt Murguía. He is married to Frieda Nachtigall Valderrama, with whom he had six children: Hugo, Manuel, Frida, Úrsula, Claudia and Nathalia. He was administrator of Radio Panamericana in its beginnings and manager of Panamericana Television. After the law of expropriation of official media communication during the government of General Velasco (1971), he went into voluntary exile to Central America and the US for eight years. Upon his return, he transformed RPP into a 24-hour informative radio station. In 1998 he sold his stake in Panamericana Televisión to Ernesto Schutz Landazuri and acquired 100% of shares of the radio. He formed the RPP Group with his children.


Hugo Francisco Delgado Nachtigall

Affiliated Interests Ceo

(1966) Board president of GRUPORPP. Peruvian, businessman, married. Former member of the Governing Board of Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas - Confiep (2011-2013). Member of the Governing Board of Sociedad Nacional de Radio y Televisión three times: as president (2011-2012), treasurer (2013-2014) and secretary (2015-present). He is not affiliated to any political party.


Jorge Luis Cruz Arteaga

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Jorge Luis Cruz Arteaga

Editor of News Websites at RPP Group. Journalist responsible for digital information platforms of the RPP Group:, and

Other Important People

Diego Peralta Murias

Affiliated Interests other important people

Diego Peralta Murias

Manager of Digital Media at RPP Group. Responsible for the creation of web projects and commercial strategies of digital media of all the web pages of the RPP Group. President of the Metrics and Research Committee of IAB Peru. University professor at the PUCP.


Av. Paseo de la República N° 3866, San Isidro/ Lima

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