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Grupo ATV (Albavisión)

Grupo ATV (Albavisión)

The ATV Group is a Peruvian conglomerate of television channels whose leading company is Andina de Radiodifusión (ATV), a station that is placed third in the nation (IBOPE). ATV is one of 63 TV channels that forms part of the media network by affiliation with Albavisión, owned by Mexican magnate Remigio Ángel González González, with a presence in Central and South America. Since its early years, it was characterized as a channel that favored local production; however, due to a domestic economic crisis, it had to give way to foreign "prerecorded" shows (distributed by Ángel González, among others).

During the 90s, ATV was administered by the Vera family (Julio Vera Gutiérrez, his son Julio Vera Abad and his wife Graciela Abad Vásquez de Vera), which was linked to the government of Alberto Fujimori Fujimori. Its proximity to the Fujimori regime was shown in a 1998 video (recorded secretly in the National Intelligence Service) in which Julio Vera Abad appears to receive USD50,000 from former presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos Torres, in return for directing the editorial line of the channel for the third reelection of Fujimori. Following these scandals, the channel was declared insolvent and in 1998 a Board of creditors was formed - the principal of which was González. * In 2003, the Board approved a restructuring plan for the channel to cancel all of its obligations over an estimated ten-year period. After beginning the process in negative figures, in 2011 the assets of ATV amounted to S/ 322 million and the channel reached first place in the 2012 commercial rating. In November of that year, Indecopi declared the conclusion of the regular insolvency proceedings and the end of the channel’s Board of creditors, following the settlement of the insolvency claims. A new administration took over the channel in 2013, with Marcello Cúneo as general manager, a position he would hold for two years (the Argentine Gustavo Enrique Welsh took his place in June 2015). After a series of resignations and revocations, new managers were appointed to the channel, among which were; the Argentine Carlos Eduardo Lorefice Lynch, the Mexican Juan Carlos González Sáenz and the Costa Rican Fernando Guido Contreras López, all of whom were trusted men of Ángel González.

In January 2016, the ATV Group and América Televisión announced a "strategic alliance for the production and distribution of entertainment content for Peru and the region," which would allow the original productions of América TV to be seen in the 15 affiliated countries of the Albavisión Network, and also that ATV or Red TV request the Content Production Center of América TV to develop formats and fictions for Peruvian and international markets.

Key facts

Mother Company

Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C.

Business Form


Legal Form

Private Limited Company


Foxton S.A.C.

Company established in 1997 to manage trade-related and general industry activities. In 1999, its funders resigned and the company is managed by the Cúneo Lobiano brothers: Marcello, Bruno and Sergio. In 2015, Marcello Cúneo resigned to the company and Gustavo Enrique Welsh is appointed as its CEO. Foxton S.A.C. It is the main shareholder of companies: Andean S.A.C. Broadcasting, Television Continental S.A.C., Alliance S.A.C., Nor Peruvian Broadcasting S.A.C., Atlantis Investment S.A.C., all linked to ATV Group

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other TV Outlets

ATV HD, ATV + HD, La Tele, La Tele HD, Red TV HD, ATV Sur, ATV Sur HD, Arpeggio TV

Other Online Outlets


Media Business

Media companies of the group in Peru

Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C., Empresa Radiodifusora 1160 S.A., Alliance S.A.C.,Televisión Nacional Peruana S.A.C., Televisión Continental S.A.C., Nor Peruana de Radiodifusión S.A.C.

Digital business



The ATV Group is the only Peruvian member of Albavisión, media network by affiliation in Latin America (16 countries), which consists of 45 television stations, 68 radio stations, 65 cinema screens, 3 satellite television chains and 1 half printed media. Founded by Remigio Ángel González González, who has a presence in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama and Perú.

General Information

Founding Year



Domingo Palermo Cabrejos, Julio Vera Gutiérrez, Ezio Piaggio Álvarez Palacios, Fernando Barco Saravia

Affiliated Interests Founder

Domingo Palermo Cabrejos

Peruvian, Civil engineer, married to Sonia María Ibargüengoitia Campanella. Also founder of Nor Peruana de Radiodifusión S.A. Former Education Minister during Alberto Fujimori’s administration (1996), was part of the team that negotiated with the terrorists of the Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru (MRTA) for the release of hostages held in the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Peru in late 1996.


524 workers and 91 service providers.


Av. Arequipa N° 3570, San Isidro, Lima.

Teléfono: (511) 2118800

Página web:

Tax/ ID Number

20100114420 RUC

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C.: US$ 116.5 million (S/. 330. 8 million) 2014

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

Missing Data

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C. : US$ 74.60 million (S/. 254.1 million) 2015; Empresa Radiodifusora 1160 S.A. : US$ 3.72 million (S/. 12.6 million) 2015; Televisión Nacional Peruana S.A.C. : US$ 1.51 million (S/. 5.14 million) 2015; Alliance S.A.C. :


Executive Board

Gustavo Enrique Welsh

General Manager of ATV Group.

Non-Executive Board

María del Carmen Palacios Cruzado

Legal manager of Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C. Legal representative of Andina de Radiodifusión S.A.C., Alliance S.A.C. and Televisión Continental S.A.C.

Other Influential People

Ney Guerrero

Productions Advisor of ATV Group. TV producer, Peruvian, single. He was romantically linked with Magaly Medina, entertainment reporter and former star of ATV. In October 2008, Medina and Guerrero were sentenced to five and three months in prison respectively, for a defamation case filed by footballer Paolo Guerrero. They were released on 31 December of the same year.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Difficulty to find advertising investment and operating profit in the media.


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