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Panamericana Televisión

Panamericana Televisión

Manages one of the country's seven free-to-view channels. Founded in 1959 by the Genaro brothers; Hector and Manuel Delgado Parker, sons of Genaro Delgado Brandt, a radio businessman from 1937. It is currently managed by the Schütz Freundt family. They managed to get the initial capital thanks to the partnership with Isaac Lindley, owner of the Inca Kola soft-drink factory. He began broadcasting on channel 13 in 1959 and in 1965 he switched to channel 5. He produced several entertainment and news programs that won large audiences. Around the company several companies were established that supplied programming. In the 1970s, the military dictatorship confiscated 51% of the shares and took control of the news content. Once democracy was re-established, the shares returned to the Delgado Parker brothers in 1980. The shares were transferred to two companies that belonged to the Delgado Parker brothers: Grupo Pantel and DelPark S.A., a media holding that brought together Panamericana Televisión S.A., RPP S.A. and Cadena Sur Inc, a television station for Peruvians in the USA. The Delgado family held an economic dispute following the sale of Tele2000, the mobile phone company, to Bellsouth in 1997. Before the increase in capital that was made that year in order to financially rescue the channel, Manuel Delgado Parker and Hector Delgado Parker’s heirs asked Ernesto Schütz Landázuri (Manuel Delgado Parker’s father-in-law) for a loan. In return, he took control of the channel. He later bought more shares and became a majority shareholder. From then on, Genaro Delgado Parker began a series of trials in an attempt to regain control of the channel. Schütz began restructuring the channel’s finances and put his editorial line at the service of Alberto Fujimori's dictatorship. In 2001, videos came to light showing Schütz receiving money from Fujimori's adviser, Vladimiro Montesinos, in exchange for supporting the regime. It was then that Schütz fled and left the channel in the hands of his children Ernesto, Lorena and Katherine Schütz Freundt. Although videos of Genaro Delgado Parker with Montesinos also came out, the founder of Panamericana managed to recover some control of the channel in 2003. The Schütz children managed only half. The building was divided into two and broadcasts were sent out from both administrations: Genaro Delgado Parker to Lima and the Schütz children to the provinces. A judge ruled in Delgado Parker’s favor and administered the entire channel to him until 2009. During all those years the channel accumulated a lot of debt. In 2009, Indecopi intervened to designate a Board of Creditors. That same year, the Schütz Freundt family returned to take control of the channel and do so to this day, under the condition of paying the agreed debts. The channel’s shareholders consist of three companies owned by the Schütz Freundt family, which have limited social capital. It maintains 91 terrestrial stations throughout the country. In November 2015, Panamericana Televisión and Latina announced a commercial agreement to jointly sell advertising and exchange content. The advertising schedule is managed by Latina Media S.A.C., and between January and September 2016 they have been jointly awarded US$6 million ($20.3 million soles) in contracts with the State.

Key facts

Mother Company

Panamericana Televisión S.A.

Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Company


Panamericana Televisión Inversiones S.A.C.

Company established by Ernest Schütz Freundt (95%) and Federico Anchorena (5%). * Ernest Schütz Freundt is son of Ernest Schutz Landázuri, Fugitive from the Peruvian justice system for having received money from Vladimiro Montesinos to sell the editorial line of channel 5 in order to favor Alberto Fujimori’s regime. He was general manager of Panamericana Televisión while his father oversaw the administration of the channel. He is now Chairman of the Board at Panamericana Televisión S.A. He founded three companies with his family in Panama: Helvetia Enterprises S.A. (1986), Inversiones Varna S.A. (1993) and Marksman Inc. (2003). Politically speaking, he is loyal to Fujimori’s regime and enemy of former President Alejandro Toledo. On a social level he is a member of the Club “Los Inkas”. * Federico Anchorena is general manager of Panamericana Televisión Inversiones S.A.C. and vice president of Panamericana Televisión S.A. He has been manager of ATV and Latina. Outside Peru, he has worked in Paraguay as a manager at Televisión Telefutura and Paravision, in Ecuador as a manager at Televisión TC and in Venezuela as a new business and project developer at Venevisión. He is chairman of the Unión Peruana de Radiodifusión (Peruvian Broadcasting Union), located in the same building as Panamericana Televisión.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other TV Outlets

Panamericana TV, Panamericana TV HD

Other Online Outlets


General Information

Founding Year



Genaro Delgado Brandt, Genaro, Manuel y Héctor Delgado Parker, Isaac Lindley Stoppanie e Isaac Lindley Taboada

Affiliated Interests Founder

Genaro Delgado Brandt

Was a radio entrepreneur since 1937. He used to own Radio Internacional, Radio Panamericana and the Unión de Radiodifusoras (Union of Radio Stations) in Peru (which grouped 7 stations together). Father of the Delgado Parker Brothers.


285 workers and 182 service providers.


AV. Arequipa 1110, Santa Beatriz, Lima; Jr. Alejandro Tirado 217 Dpto 1001, Urb. Santa Beatriz, Lima.

Teléfono: (511) 4113200.

Página web:

Tax/ ID Number

20100017149 (RUC)

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

Panamericana Television S.A. : 18,8 million dollars (53.6 million nuevos soles) (2015)

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

Panamericana Television S.A. : 1,08 million dollars (3,06 million nuevos soles) (2015)

Advertising (in % of total funding)

* Public contract Panamericana Television S.A. : 0,9 million dollars (2,9 million nuevos soles) (2015)


Executive Board

Ernest Victor Schütz Freundt

Chairman of the Board. Son of Ernest Schutz Landázuri, Fugitive from the Peruvian justice system for having received money from Vladimiro Montesinos to sell the editorial line of channel 5 in order to favor Alberto Fujimori’s regime.

Other Influential People

Claudia Vivanco Zumaeta

Legal Manager. Lawyer who worked as legal advisor at Panamericana Televisión between 1998 and 2004 and between 2009 and 2014. Since the end of 2014, she has been in charge of the company’s legal department.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Information about the company is open to the public, although information about the other businesses of the Schütz-Freundt family remains hidden.


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