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Ernest Schütz Freundt

Ernest Schütz Freundt

Ernest Schütz Freundt is son of Ernest Schutz Landázuri, Fugitive from the Peruvian justice system for having received money from Vladimiro Montesinos to sell the editorial line of channel 5 in order to favor Alberto Fujimori’s regime. He was general manager of Panamericana Televisión while his father oversaw the administration of the channel. He is now Chairman of the Board at Panamericana Televisión S.A. He founded three companies with his family in Panama: Helvetia Enterprises S.A. (1986), Inversiones Varna S.A. (1993) and Marksman Inc. (2003). Politically speaking, he is loyal to Fujimori’s regime and enemy of former President Alejandro Toledo. On a social level he is a member of the Club “Los Inkas.”Unlike Genaro Delgado Parker, Ernest Schütz does not make public statements.

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Ernest Schutz Landázuri

Father. Fugitive of the Peruvian justice since 2001. Thanks to his double nationality, he sought refuge in Switzerland. He is accused of receiving money from former president Alberto Fujimori advisor; Vladimiro Montesinos – whom he met in 1977-, to buy the editorial rights. In 1987 he bought the paper company Paracas. He had the franchise of Kimberly Clark Peru. In 1996 he bought shares of Plantel SA, through which he gained control of Panamericana Televisión. He is in the board of two companies incorporated in Panama: Helvetia Enterprises SA (president, director and treasurer) and Inversiones Varna SA (president and director).

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There is little information available about the Ernest Schütz Freundt’s businesses. Journalist Jaime Bayly said that Schütz is the owner of the Pink Sands hotel in Harbor Islands, Bahamas. However, this has not been corroborated.


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