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Higinio Capuñay Sarpán

Higinio Capuñay Sarpán

Higinio Capuñay is an entrepreneur from the northern side of the country. He owned a printing company and bought Radio Universal of Chiclayo (Lambayeque) in 1989. He strengthened his empire thanks to the spread of the cumbia, a music genre which became very popular in his region. Eventually, he bought radio companies in various locations of the country and joined them to his greatest business success: Radio Karibeña. In order to make the leap to Lima, in 2009 he bought three radio signals for each radio station: Radio Karibeña (music), Radio La Kalle (sports) and Radio (news). He is involved in the cumbia show business. His family performs concerts and shows – formerly operating with an old startup, Cumbia Vip and now with Aventura Show. Activities are promoted by his radios. He is interested in politics. He ran for Congress in 1995 but did not get enough votes. Her daughter was congresswoman for the National Solidarity political party between 2011 and 2016. He supported the recall process against former mayor of Lima, Susana Villaran, a political rival for Castañeda.

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Eduardo Capuñay Quispe

Son. Music enterpreneur. He is legal representative of Aventura Show S.A.C., the Company that organizes the cumbia shows sponsored by Karibeña radio. He promotes some of the most popular orchestras of this music genre: Corazón Serrano and Papillón.

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