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Jesús Zamora León

Jesús Zamora León

Jesús Zamora president and founder of Enfoca and board president of Compañía Latinoamericana de Radiodifusión. He is an industrial engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de México. Has an MBA from Columbia University. Between 1994 and 1999, Zamora was director of Banco de Crédito del Perú, where he established good relationships with investors. Founded the first company of Enfoca in 1999 to give corporate and investment advice. Then, he incorporated Enfoca Investment Ltd In Virgin Islands and Enfoca Asset Management Ltd in Cayman Islands Caiman; with them, he incorporated Enfoca Sociedad Administradora de Fondos de Inversión in Perú (Enfoca SAFI). This company receives pension fund investments to make them grow. Due to the investments done in this fund, Zamora has a share in over 30 related companies, apart from Latina Televisión. He participates in Minera La Gloria, Grupo Salud Perú, red de Salud Auna, Oncosalud, Talma, Laboratorio Cantella, Trebol, Celima y Cassinelli, among others. Zamora is a stakeholder in every company managed by Enfoca; the rest of the shares belong to another company. When escalating the ownership scheme, they all end in the company created in Grand Cayman, which cannot be investigated. These are his closest associates: Jorge Basadre, Arturo Núñez, Alberto Pascó-Font and Edgardo Cavalié. Numa Asset Management Ltd, a company belonging to his brother, Rafael Zamora León, is also part of the board. Former board president of Sedapal, public company of water provision and sewage. Before that, he was in charge of the privatization of power plants and cement manufacturers. He rarely gives public statements. Interviews with him are hard to find.

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Minera La Gloria , Minera Miski, Emerging Markets Investments, Potongos SAC, Rio Andina SAC


Consorcio Trecca, Grupo Salud del Perú SAC, GSP Servicios Comerciales SAC, GSP Inversiones, GSP Servicios Generales SAC, AUNA Clínica Delgado, Operador Estratégico SAC, Total Care SAC, R y R Patólogos Asociados SAC, Servimedicos SAC, Clínica Bellavista, Clinica AUNA Miraflores Piura, GSP Trujillo SAC, Clínica Vallesur S.A., Laboratorio Clínico Inmunológico Cantella SAC, Escuela Especializada en Ciencias de la Salud, Oncocenter Peru SAC, Oncosalud SAC


Enfoca Sociedad Administradora de fondos de inversión S.A., Salud SAC, Enfoca Descubridor 1, Enfoca Capita 1 ( fondo de inversión), Enfoca Descubridor 2 ( fondo de inversión), Enfoca Comunica SAC, Enfoca Cerámicos, Inversiones Educa, Enfoca Servicios Logisticos Sociedad Anonima Cerrada


Corporación Ceramica S.A. – Trebol, Inversiones Ceramica SAC


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Baltazar y Nicolas Asociacion Civil sin fines de lubro

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Jorge Alberto Basadre Brazzini

Assistant. Vice president of the Board at Latina. Cofounder and General Manager at Enfoca S.A. Chairman of the board at Minera La Gloria, and 20 companies associated with Enfoca.

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