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Diario La República

This is one of the newspapers in circulation around the nation of the highest prestige. Its editorial line is center-left wing. On Sundays it comes the Supplemento Domingo (Sunday Supplement), which publishes features. During Alberto Fujimori’s dictatorship, it was one of the bastions of the opposition. On April 5th 1992, the day of the autocoup, the newspaper was taken by the armed forces to censor its content. The next day, La República was released with blank pages in protest. The company’s Investigation Unit continued publishing various investigations concerning corruption and Human Rights violations that unravelled in that period. This made the government counterattack with a smear campaign against Gustavo Mohme Llona in the tabloid press funded by the regime. La República has to this day maintained a critical position on the Fujimori regime. In 2011 it supported Ollanta Humala’s candidacy, considering that his contender was Alberto Fujimori’s daughter. That same year, the newspaper changed to a Berlin-format. It gives considerable importance to the opinion section. With the appearance of political newspapers being more economic, La República has lost sales. It has regional editions that are printed in Lima (center), Chiclayo (north), Iquitos (east) and Arequipa (south). One of its main assets is to have Mario Vargas Llosa’s fortnightly columns. It has an average circulation of 40 thousand daily newspapers sold nationally

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Grupo La República


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Helena Ramona Seminario de Mohme

Ramona Seminario is Gustavo Mohme Llona’s widow. Shareholder of the companies of Grupo La República. Mother of the six Mohme Seminario brothers.

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Gustavo Mohme Llona (1930-2000), Guillermo Thorndike, Roberto Carrion Pollitt, Carlos Maraví Gutarra y Aurelio Loret de Mola

Affiliated Interests Founder

Gustavo Mohme Llona (1930-2000) was founder and director of the newspaper “La República”. Businessman, politician and journalist. He was a civil engineer by profession. In 1955, he founded the construction company "Woodman & Mohme" along with Arturo Woodman Pollit. This company lasted 25 years and built important structures in the north of the country. He was a member of the center party “Acción Popular (Popular Action)” Due to some discrepancies with the president Fernando Belaunde Terry, he founded the division “Acción Popular Socialista (Socialist Popular Action)” in 1967. In 1982 he founded the left-wing newspaper “La República” and, two years later, the tabloid “El Popular.” In 1985 and 1990 he was elected Senator for “Izquierda Unida (Left United).” His work was interrupted by the military coup in 1992, but in 1995 he returned to Congress with Javier Perez de Cuellar’s party, who was the former secretary-general of the United Nations. During this period he was a strong opponent to Alberto Fujimori’s dictatorship both in Congress and in the management of the newspaper. In the final years of the Fujimori regime, he suffered slanderous attacks through the tabloid newspapers, which were funded by the dictatorship. He died in 2000 when he had been reelected congressman. The press room in the Peruvian Congress bears his name, in recognition of his work. He had other companies: Empresa Latinoamericana de Transporte S.A.C. (transport of heavy loads), Centro Laser Angamos S.A. (cosmetics), W & M Contrat Gnrales SA Cefoisa Asoc (building construction) and Importadora y exportadora Angamos S.A. (Wholesale of household goods).


Maria Eugenia Mohme Seminario

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Maria Eugenia Mohme Seminario is chairman of the board of directors and corporate commercial manager at Grupo La República Publicaciones and member of the board at América Televisión and Canal N. She is also vice president of the Consejo de la Prensa Peruana (Peruvian Press Council) for the period 2016-2018. She was in charge of the restructuring of the company's operations. She is a civil engineer and has an MBA from Centrum and led a Management Program for CEOs at Northwester University in the United States. She is manager of Inversiones Mohme S.A. and was manager at M & M Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.A. She is a minority shareholder of all the family businesses, holding the same percentage as her siblings. She owns 3.5% of the real estate company Hetir S.A. She was director of the real estate company Proyec Sa W&M Contratistas Generales S.A. and W & M Contrat Gnrales S.A. Cefoisa Asoc. She has also worked for her father’s company Woodman & Mohme.


Gustavo Mohme Seminario

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Gustavo Mohme Seminario is the eldest son and principal heir of the founder of the “La República” newspaper, Gustavo Mohme Llona. He has been the visible face and director of this newspaper since his father died, he is also majority shareholder of all the companies in the group. Chairman of the board of Grupo La República S.A. He is an engineer by profession, and a journalist and businessman by trade. Before leading the newspaper “La República,” he was general manager of the group. He was president of the “Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (Inter-American Press Association)” (IAPA) for the period 2014-2015 and is currently vice president of the SIP Executive Committee. He was a member of the board and of the “Consejo Consultivo Editorial (Editorial Advisory Council)” of América Televisión. In the Power Survey, he is considered the eighth most influential journalist in the country. Ideologically, he is center-left. In the 2011 election, under his leadership, the newspaper “La República” supported the candidacy of Ollanta Humala. And during his rule, he also supported some of the measures. In other businesses, Mohme Seminario is a shareholder and agent of Gmovil, a company that belongs to the “La República” group that is dedicated to electronic money, and the family-owned real estate company Hetir SAC, which acquired M&M Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.A.

Other Important People

José Samanez Acebo, Carlos Castro Cruzado, Mirko Lauer, Augusto Álvarez Rodrich, Humberto Campodónico, Juan de la Puente, Angel Páez

Affiliated Interests other important people

José Samanez Acebo

Has been manager of the companies of “Grupo La República” for a long time. He is a trusted man of the Mohme Seminario family. He is general manager of Grupo La República S.A. and La República Internacional.


Jr. Camaná 320, Cercado de Lima

Teléfono: 51-7116000

Página web:

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