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Radio Panamericana

Radio Panamericana (101.1 FM) is one of the few radio stations still in force after 62 years of uninterrupted transmission. It was founded in 1953 by Genaro Delgado Brandt and his sons Genaro and Hector. Throughout its history, the radio has gone through various musical genres: from being a news radio and playing instrumental music in the beginning to having a team of DJs who put the latest releases of rock and pop in Spanish and English during the seventies. Today it is a station aimed at young and specialized in salsa, boleros, bachata and other tropical adults.

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12.1 (alcance semanal, CPI 2015)

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Free content

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Media Companies / Groups

Grupo Panamericana de Radios


Group / Individual Owner

Vilma Leonor Delgado Parker de Torres

Vilma Leonor Delgado Parker de Torres, Member of the board of GPR S.A. Peruvian executive, married to Fernando Torres Tesolini. Director General of Constructora Flandes S.A. She prefers to keep a low profile attitude, away from the cameras and the press. She does not register any political affiliation.

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



Genaro Delgado Brandt, Genaro Delgado Parker, Héctor Delgado Parker

Affiliated Interests Founder

Genaro Delgado Brandt

was a radio entrepreneur since 1937. He used to own Radio Internacional, Radio Panamericana and the Unión de Radiodifusoras (Union of Radio Stations) in Peru (which grouped 7 stations together). Father of the Delgado Parker Brothers.


Raquel Delgado Parker Vda. De Alcántara

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Raquel Delgado Parker Vda. De Alcántara :Chairman of the board of GPR S.A. Peruvian executive, she took control of Radio Panamericana after her brothers Héctor and Genaro left the country to work abroad, as a result of the expropriation of the television media that occurred during the military government of Juan Velasco Alvarado (1971). Her management modernized the station and it became one of the most tuned stations. Chairman of the board of Constructora Flandes S.A. She does not register any political affiliation. She was married to Carlos Alcántara Butterfield, a prominent surgeon who did the first heart transplants in the country, but died in 1999. She had five children: Carlos, Manuel, Kelly, Susana and Mauricio Alcántara Delgado.


Francisco Gamarra Contreras

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Francisco Gamarra Contreras

Head of Radio Panamericana programming department for fifteen years. He entered the radio as a mobile unit trainee and later he worked as a programming assistant. Former teacher at Centro de Locución Gina Parker (Gina Parker Broadcasters’ Learning Center)

Other Important People

Gina Parker, Gianmartín Paz

Affiliated Interests other important people

Gina Parker

Radio Panamericana broadcaster with more than 29 years of experience presenting programs such as "Splash" and "Baladitas in its sauce". Presenter of the TV program "Sin barreras" (“No limits”) (TV Peru), which seeks to promote rights of people with some kind of disability. Director of the Gina Parker broadcasters’ Learning Center. She is the cousin of the Delgado Parker brother.


Paseo Parodi 340, San Isidro/ Lima.

(511) 442-1188

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ALEGRÍA, Alonso. OAX: Crónica de la radio en el Perú (1925-1990). Lima, Radioprogramas Editores (2° edición), 1993.

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