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TV Perú

TV Perú is the nation’s public broadcaster. It is part of the Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú (IRTP), a public body affiliated with the Ministry of Culture. It is the oldest channel in Peru (its first broadcast dates from 1958), it has the best signal and highest level of coverage (it owns 28% of the TV stations in the country, according Concor TV). Its programming has informative, educational, cultural and entertainment content. Manages four frequencies: TV Perú (7.1), TV Perú HD (7.2), TV Perú Noticias (7.3) and Canal IPe (7.4). The independence of the state channel has been questioned on more than one occasion due to previous governments having used its signal for propaganda, particularly during the Fujimori era and Alan Garcia's second term in office. Interrupting the channel’s regular programming to broadcast the activities of the head of state live has been a frequent and questionable practice, especially when what is transmitted are public rallies organized a few weeks before election day, which can be taken as an act advocating in favor of the political party in power. During the outgoing government of Ollanta Humala, the presence of Nadine Heredia on TV Perú’s official broadcasts was questioned (the channel even covered a birthday celebration of the former first lady). It was speculated that the state channel was being used to support the presidential candidacy of Heredia, which ultimately never happened.

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Estado Peruano


Group / Individual Owner

Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú (IRTP)

The IRTP is a public body affiliated with the Ministry of Culture (formerly it was affiliated with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), which has administrative, economic and financial autonomy. It is responsible for meeting the needs of the nation’s population as regards information, knowledge, culture, education and entertainment, which it does through its communication platforms: Tv Perú, Tv Perú Noticias, Canal IPe, Radio Nacional and Radio La Crónica.

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



Ministry of Education of Peru

Affiliated Interests Founder

State-owned governing body that defines, directs, regulates and evaluates policies of national education and teaching.


Hugo Eduardo Coya Honores

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Executive Chairman of the IRTP and board member of Editora Perú. Newscaster from the University of Lima and Master in Journalism from the Sao Paulo International Institute of Social Sciences. Has served as a columnist, general producer and editor-in-chief at various media organizations. Biography and nonfiction book writer, he is also a university professor at the UPC and the PUCP. No registered political affiliation.


Felipe Berninzon Vallarino

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Marketing Manager of IRTP. He has been the General Manager from beginning of 2015. He is also Manager of C & B Constructores Contratistas S.A.C., a real state enterprise.

Other Important People

José Perla Anaya, Vice-president of the Board at IRTP., Hugo David Aguirre Castañeda, Member of the Boards at IRTP and Editora Perú., Lorenzo Mario Cánepa Ricketts, Member of the Board at IRTP.

Affiliated Interests other important people

José Perla Anaya

Vice-president of the Board at IRTP. Lawyer from the PUCP, Doctor in Social Sciences from UNMSM and Master in Legal Institutions from the University of Wisconsin. Researcher and senior professor at the University of Lima. President of the Instituto Peruano de Derecho de las Comunicaciones (Peruvian Institute of Communications Law) (Deyco) and founding member of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Derecho de la Información (Ibero-American Association of Information Law) (AIDIC). No registered political affiliation.


Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú

Av. José Gálvez N° 1040 - Urb. Santa Beatriz, Lima Cercado / Lima

(511) 619-0707

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

US$ 34.8 million (S/. 98.9 million) 2014

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

US$ 5.6 million (S/. 16.1 million) 2014 – net profits

Advertising (in % of total funding)

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Portal institucional del Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú

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