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Individual Owners

Diverse owners, but basically no women

Eight of the ten media groups are families. Some of the principal shareholders of the media groups are related.

In almost all companies, a small number of principal shareholders stand out. The El Comercio Group is the only exception.  Its shares are distributed throughout the large Miro Quesada family. The largest shareholder controls barely 4.6% of the company.

The media groups which are not family-owned include Latina Televisión (whose board president is Jesús Zamora), the companies administered by Enfoca SAFI, Grupo ATV (of the Mexican magnate Remigio Ángel González) and the multinational channel Alba Visión.

The principal media owners have diverse financial interests either directly or through close family members. The Miro Quesada family has links with the country´s largest building company--which has state contracts--and the main airline, among others. Latina Televisión´s Zamora administers investments in health, fishing and airports, among others. Higinio Capuñay, of Corporación Universal, is invested in the entertainment and cumbia dance industries. In addition, some owners have created offshore businesses registered in Panama, whose activities are not known.

Although in many cases the political preferences of the proprietors are evident, none is affiliated with a political party.

In regards to gender, the groups are male dominated. Only two women appear on the lists of the companies researched: Raquel Delgado Parker, President of the Board of Group Panamericana de Radios, and Milagros Miro Quesada, Vice-President of the Board of the El Comercio Group.

Unlike other countries, there is no single owner of any media. All are in association.

Here are the profiles of the most important shareholders per each group.

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