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Abraham Zavala Chocano

Abraham Zavala Chocano

Abraham Zavala Chocano is general manager at CRP Medios y Entretenimiento and Abraham Zavala Falcón’s son. At present he manages the company. With his father and brother, he founded Radiomar Producciones in 1998. This is the company with which they consolidated the media group after buying more radios. He is chairman at the Sociedad Nacional de Radio y Televisión (National Society of Radio and Television). He has stated that he is against the content regulation by the government and that self regulatory mechanisms should be strengthen by the SNRTV. Forrmer director at Five Laces Corp, a corporation established in 2011 in Panama that appears on This company was dissolved in 2014. Agent at Corporación de Radiodifusión Americana S.A.C. and Contenidos Interactivos S.A.C., an audiovisual production company. Owns 59.99% of LXG Amazon Reforestry Fund, a fund created by LXG Capital to reforest the Amazon.

President of the Commission of the Lima Golf Club, one of the most exclusive clubs of the country. His photos usually appear in the tabloids. He has a close relationship with the corporate union, Confiep, because of his involvement with SNRTV.

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Contenidos Interactivos S.A.C.


LXG Amazon Reforestry Fund (59,99%)

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Ana María de Orbegoso Rapuzzi

Wife. Inolved in real estate business.

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