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Abraham Zavala Falcón

Abraham Zavala Falcón

Abraham Zavala Falcón is Chairman of the Board of CRP Medios y Entretenimiento.Father of the Zavala Chocano brothers. He started working as a DJ of “El Show de Branny” at Radio Atalaya. DJ and manager of Radiomar Plus – founded in 1969. Together with Wilmer Salgado, content manager, make the radio to have a larger audience share due to their colloquial language, choosing salsa as the main rhythm, public surveys, giving presents to their audience, and by recruiting some big-name announcers. He then became main shareholder of Radiomar SA. He had a television experience in 1989 when he joined the Bekmont Anderson brothers, Alejandro and Fernando to broadcast a signal on channel 13. In 1998, Zavala and his sons established a new company called Radiomar Producciones with a registered capital of 10.4million soles with which it started buying several radio stations. He is a member of the Sociedad Nacional de Radio y Televisión (National Society of Radio and Television), with which he is associated with the business union, Confiep. He was also chairman of the Comité de Radio (Radio Committee). In the social field, he has been a member and sits on the Board of Directors at the Asociación Nacional de criadores y propietarios de caballos peruanos (National Association of Peruvian horse breeders and owners), since 1996. This association is the gathering point of high society families of Lima. Representative of Radiodifusión Americana SAC Corporation. Member of the shelter Grupo Vida: honourable life for teenage mothers. He has two wells.

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