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José Antonio García Miro Miró Quesada

José Antonio García Miro Miró Quesada

Peru (1943). He is a member of the Miro Quesada family, which runs El Comercio, the most important media group in Peru. He is currently chairman of the board and he is also one of its shareholders. Although he studied Fine Arts and Plastic Arts in Spain and performed various individual exhibitions in Latin America since 1965, in the early 80s he joined the company as logistics manager and a member of the board. In 2003 he was elected as vice president of the Group and in 2005 he became chairman. While being in office as chairman of the board, the Group became the largest media corporation in the country and set a milestone by appointing the first editor-in-chief who did not belong to the Miró Quesada family: the economist Fritz du Bois, in 2013. García Miró is well-known as a bullfighting fan, but his political affiliation is unknown.

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He has three daughters who are not involved in the company. The most outstanding members of the family are: the businessman and beekeper Pablo Llona García Miró (son of his sister Delfina García Miró) and Llona’s cousin, the photographer and editor Manuel García Miró Bentín (son of his deceased brother Manuel). Both shareholders have positions in the board of directors of El Comercio and its subsidiaries and will be the next generation that will lead the media group for the coming years.

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