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The newspaper “Ojo” was founded in 1968 by the businessman Luis Banchero Rossi and the first editor-in-chief was Raúl Villarán Pasquel. Having been established for 48 years, this popular newspaper is one of the oldest and best-known in the country after “El Comercio”, and one of the media symbols of Epensa (Prensmart), it has been a subsidiary of “El Comercio” since 2013.

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Grupo El Comercio (hoy Vigenta Inversiones S.A.)


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Olga Ana Rosa Banchero Rossi de Salazar

Sister of the Peruvian fishing businessman Luis Banchero Rossi. She was the late Enrique Agois Paulsen’s first wife, with whom she had four children: Luis Manuel (now chairman of the board, and owner of 11% of the shares, at Prensmart), Carlos Óscar (5%), María Gabriela Agois Banchero (5%).

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Luis Banchero Rossi (1929-1972)

Affiliated Interests Founder

Founder of Empresa Periodística Nacional S.A.- Epensa (known as Prensmart since 2014) was a fishing tycoon born in Tacna in 1929, on the border with Chile. He made his fortune by working in the flour and fish oil export business. He also held the position of director of the Banco de Crédito del Perú (Credit Bank of Perú), one of the country's leading banks. He was assassinated in 1972. 100% of the shares in Epensa (which were confiscated between 1974 and 1980 by a left-wing military dictatorship) were passed onto his sister Olga Banchero Rossi, whose first husband was the engineer Enrique Agois Paulsen.


Luis Manuel Agois Banchero

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Peruvian economist born in Lima in 1955. Son of the late Enrique Agois Paulsen and Olga Banchero Rossi. He is also the fishing tycoon Luis Banchero Rossi’s nephew. He has been shareholder and chairman of the board at Epensa (now Prensmart) since 2014. After the fall of Alberto Fujimori's regime, Congress asked the Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate Luis Agois for being part of Vladimiro Montesinos’ criminal organization, resorting to the deactivated Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (National Intelligence Service) (SIN), and selling the editorial line of his media organizations in exchange for money in order to promote the third re-election of Fujimori. Faced with a government inquiry, Agois Banchero admitted to visiting the SIN, but that he refused to receive money from the former presidential candidate. "I only went to meet him [twice in 1999] to talk about national issues such as signing the peace agreement with Ecuador", said Luis Agois. The anti-corruption prosecutor investigated the case because of the declarations made by former representatives of Montesinos, but the case was archived in 2004. Since then, the process has been forgetten. * In 2008, Agois presided over the NGO Sociedad de Empresas Periodísticas (Society of Media Companies) (SEP), which brought together “El Comercio”, “La República” and Epensa itself, among other printed media organizations. Three years later, he received an official award from the president of Congress, Luis Zumaeta, member of the then president Alan García’s party. In 2013, Agois Banchero was one of the shareholders who participated in the controversial process of selling his shares in Epensa to “El Comercio”, after the same operation failed with “La República”. In November of the same year, a group of eight journalists reported Agois, his mother, his brothers and “El Comercio” for violating freedom of expression and information laws due to the aforementioned commercial operation. The case is still with the Judicial Authorities. Agois is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Consejo de la Prensa Peruana (Peruvian Press Council).


Víctor Ramírez Canales

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Peruvian journalist. He was director of the popular tabloid newspaper “Ajá,” part of the Epensa group, from 1994. This media organization -that became a rival of Trome- disappeared in 2014, after “El Comercio” became shareholders of Epensa. Subsequently, Víctor Ramírez became director of “Ojo”.

Other Important People

César Pardo Figueroa Turner, José Antonio García Miró Miró Quesada, Luis Miró Quesada Valega

Affiliated Interests other important people

César Pardo Figueroa Turner

Industrial Engineer. He has been the general manager of “El Comercio” for 20 years and is also a director of the other subsidiaries in the group.


Dirección: Jr. Jorge Salazar 171, La Victoria. Lima

Teléfono: 51-6311111

Página web:

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