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Willax Television is a media organization that began its internet-only transmission in 2010. From 2012, it began broadcasting on cable television with a profile exclusively dedicated to the news. In 2014 the Wong group invested in the construction of a television studio in the Plaza Norte Mall -owned by E W Corporation- and the station changed its line. It became a channel aimed at emerging sectors in North Lima, where its premium content was popular entertainment. Between 2013 and 2015, the E W Corporation had invested USD10 million and expected to invest USD10 million more for the period 2016-2017. In 2016 they began broadcasting via “Televisión Digital Terrestre (Digital Terrestrial Television)”, which became an open-signal channel.

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Free content

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Group / Individual Owner

Latin America Media Investment Ltd.

Origin unknown. The Company was not established in Peru. Apparently, it is owned by Corporación E W, which belongs to the Wong Lu Vega family. This group hs investments in Malls (Plaza Norte y Mall del Sur), agro-industry (Azucarera Andahuasi, Agro Industrial Paramonga, Productos y mercado agrícola de Huaral, Rio Pativilca S.A., Inversiones Dagomar S.A. y Empresa Azucarera El Ingenio), financial institutions (Prymera e Inversiones Financieras EW S.A.C.), real estate (Inmobiliaria Nazhao S.A.C., Inmobiliaria Milagros S.A.C., Inmobiliaria Tulcea S.A.C., Inmobiliaria Leblon S.A.C., Inmobiliaria Gerais S.A.C., Trastiendas integradas S.A.C., Compañía de Negocios Inmobiliarios S.A.C., Inmobilaria Valle de Lurín S.A.C. y Gelan S.A.), energy, fishing (Inversiones Prisco S.A.C.), entertainment (Compañía de Entretenimiento Juegocentro S.A. e Inversiones Fortunia S.A.), bakery (Intenational Bakery S.A.C. y Panistería S.A.C.), business advisory (Asesoria General y Financiera S.A.C., Argex Trading Finance S.A.C. y Servicios de Trastiendas Integradas S.A.C.), beverages (Consorcio Alcoholero del Norte S.A. y Consorcio Mediterraneo S.A.C.), logging industry (Maderera Río Acre S.A.C., Empresa Agricola Las Gramas S.A.C. y Consorcio Gramas-Maderacre) and transportation. Other enterprises: Corporación Mercantil Recife S.A.C., Corporación E.W. SAC. The head of the group, Erasmo Wong Lu Vega appears in 10 enterprises established in Panama –according to, among which we can list Peru Growth Fund Inc (1996), Guip Chi Inc (2008), Guip Tin Inc (2008), Barroco S.A. (1997), Guip San Inc (2008), Guip Van Inc (2008), Wong Hold S.A. (2008), Guip Long, Inc (2008), Compañía Inversionista Maysville S.A. (2007), Corporacion E. Wong Investment Holding S.A. (2007). And they own Granger Portfolio Corporation (the British Virgin Islands). The Wong family supported Keiko Fujimori’s presidential campaign with almost S/ 348 thousand (Nuevos Soles).


General Information

Founding Year



Gilberto Hume Hurtado

Affiliated Interests Founder

Gilberto Hume Hurtado

Television producer. Founding director of Canal N, director of CPN radio, Univisión journalist and war correspondent. Also director of the Sunday program “Cuarto Poder (Fourth Power)” (América TV) and producer of “Ventana Indiscreta (Indiscreet Window)” (Frecuencia Latina).


Gilberto Hume Hurtado

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Television producer. Founding director of Canal N, director of CPN radio, Univisión journalist and war correspondent. Also director of the Sunday program “Cuarto Poder (Fourth Power)” (América TV) and producer of “Ventana Indiscreta (Indiscreet Window)” (Frecuencia Latina).

Other Important People

Cecilia Valenzuela Valencia, Jaime Ma Luzula, Enrique Adolfo Luna Victoria Muñoz

Affiliated Interests other important people

Cecilia Valenzuela

is an experienced TV presenter and journalist. She has worked in magazines and on television. Her most successful program was “La Ventana Indiscreta (The Indiscreet Window)” on Latina (2003-2008). She currently hosts the political program “Mira quién habla (Look who's talking)” and is a columnist for the newspaper “El Comercio”. Political orientation: Conservative.


Alfredo Mediola 1400 Int. 002 – Independencia, Lima.

Teléfono: +511 319 1560

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

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Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

US$ 33,7 mil (S/. 115,1 mil) (2015) Public contracts *

Market Share

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Further Information

Meta Data

Although the manager of the E W Corporation has stated that they are the owners of Willax Television, the company that holds 99.99% of shares -Latin America Media Investment Ltd- is not constituted in Peru, and therefore cannot corroborate the identity of the shareholders of the company. The calculation of public advertising contracts was based on the information from the 2015 Electronic System of State Procurement (Sistema Electrónico de Contrataciones del Estado).


Sistema Electrónico de Contrataciones del Estado

Consultado el 1 de octubre de 2016.

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