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Remigio Ángel González González

Remigio Ángel González González

(1945) Mexican businessman with American citizentship. Communications tycoon, founder of Albavisión Comunicaciones LLC, a conglomérate with offices in Miami that comprises about a hundred of media services, including radio stations, tv channels, printing press and cinema chains in Central and South America. Grupo ATV of Peru is one of the media in the Albavisión network.

Married very young to a young lady whose last name was Rabbé, he soon was a widower due to a car accident during their honeymoon. Married for a second time with Alba Elvira Lorenzana Cardona, he has two daughters, Jani y Morelia González Lorenzana.

Graduated as an Accountant, his destiny changed when he entered the world of communications as advertisement seller, and the becoming distributor of in-the-can movies and tv shows for Central and South America networks. At the beginning of the 80s, with funds and remarried, he bought broadcast channels 3 and 7 of Guatemala under the name of his wife.

These were the foundations of Televideo, now known as the media empire Albavisión, communications network by affiliation in Latin America, comprising 45 TV channels, 68 radio stations, 65 movie theatres, 3 satellite TV chains and 1 printed publication: present in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama and Peru.

González is one of the documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, after having bought a shell corporation called Global Holding Properties Corporation, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. He lives in Miami, USA, with an estimated fortune of over US$ 2000 million.

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AlbaCinema (Guatemala), Cinemas (Nicaragua), Nova (Costa Rica)

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Alba Elvira Lorenzana Cardona

Ángel González’s second wife. Guatemalan, main shareholder of Radio Televisión de Guatemala S.A. and Televisiete S.A. Interpol has issue an international arrest warrant for being part of a criminal ring of businessmen, bankers, mdedia services, and contruction companies that had illegally financed the party Partido Patriota (PP) of former president Otto Pérez Molina. It has been established that Radiotelevisión (Channel 3) and Televisiete S.A. (Channel 7) paid US$ 2.2 million to buy cars for the PP campaign. When he was elected president, Pérez Molina’s administration granted these companies advertising contracts for US$ 26.2 millions.

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COYA, Hugo. Genaro: Los secretos, escándalos, triunfos y fracasos del gran mago de la televisión peruana. Lima, Editorial Planeta Perú S.A., 2015.

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